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recent research papers in graph theory

recent research papers in graph theory

application of graph theory in communication networks

Paper [1] gives an overview of applications of graph theory in heterogeneous. ideas can be used in various areas of computer applications for researches.

Journal of Graph Labeling

This journal endeavors to publish significant research and survey of broad. Conference/Seminar papers in all areas of graph theory will be published as a .

Algorithms, Graph Theory, and Linear Equations - Computer.

In this talk we survey recent progress on the design of provably fast algorithms for. able connections between algorithms, spectral graph theory, functional analysis. The condition number is a fundamental object of study in Numerical Linear. Two days before the day on which I submitted this paper, I was sent a paper.

Graph Theory - The Graduate Center

Even though some of the problems in graph theory can be described in an elementary way,. Research papers in Reliability Theory (A. Satyanarayana, F. Boesch,. networks vs. current methodologies (dominating-sets) and representation of .

Spectral graph theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In mathematics, spectral graph theory is the study of properties of a graph in. In 1988 it was updated by the survey Recent Results in the Theory of Graph .

Colouring the petals of a graph - EMIS

Feb 1, 2002 - All graphs considered in this paper are finite, undirected, and without. If G is a petal graph and w is a vertex of G of degree two, having neighbours v1,v2, then. [5] S. Fiorini and R.J. Wilson, Edge-colourings of graphs, Research notes in Mathemat-. 1, Journal of Graph Theory, (6) 17 (1993), 701-712.

Open Problems in Graph Theory and Computational Geometry

Open problems in graph theory and geometry. D. Eppstein, ICS 269, 01/25/02. Two Models of Algorithms Research. I. Read lots of theory papers. II. Choose a .

discussion on some interesting topics in graph theory

Aug 2, 2011 - esting Topics in Graph Theory submitted by Prakash L. Vihol. journals research papers for which I personally thank the authors who. In recent times, new contexts have emerged wherein the labeling of the vertices.